Draken International And Aero Vodochody Endeavor To Expand In Europe

Draken International is continuing to expand into the European Market. With its fleet of fourth-generation capable fighters, Draken is looking to train U.S. Allies in NATO and throughout Europe. With the addition of fifth generation fighters such as the F-35 making its first international debut in Farnborough 2014, the need for our allies abroad has never been greater for tactical air services. Draken International was built to answer this need. With APG-66 and GRIFO-L Fire Control Radars, Radar Warning Receivers, HUD, HOTAS and 1553 BUS with EA/EW pods, the Draken fleet are the most advanced training platforms in the commercial industry. During Threat Replication, Draken aircraft can react when ‘spiked’ during maneuvers as well as lock Ally aircraft using the onboard radars. This capability brings a highly credible, realistic and cost-effective solution to the needs of our partner militaries.

JTAC training, Target Towing, Close Air Support and Research and Development are other mission sets that Draken continues to offer to NATO and our deployed forces in Europe. With sophisticated avionics attack suites that include targeting through HUDs with CCIP and CCRP, Draken is able to deliver precise training munitions to allow air and ground forces to gain and maintain their many qualifications. Through European partnerships, Draken is able to continue expansion and grow to be a global leader in Advanced Contract Air Services.

As the global defense and military climate changes, the need has never been greater for cost-effective and professional contract air support.

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